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Why Does It Matter?

With the development of air-conditioning in the early part of the 20th century, the built environment shift from designing for local climates to designing in spite of local climates. This brute force approach to thermal comfort has led to extreme energy consumption and unsustainable greenhouse gas emissions.

of building energy consumption is due to heating and cooling. The majority of this energy is ultimately wasted.

of primary energy in the United States is consumed by buildings, including 75% of electricity.

of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States are produced by buildings. U.S. buildings, alone, are responsible for more CO2 equivalent emissions than those of any other country except China.

The current heating and cooling paradigm is uncomfortable, inefficient and unsustainable.

Energy Efficiency the SMART Way




Direct Control


Occupant Detection


Retrofit Scenario


Radiant Control

The SMART sensor can reduce current HVAC energy consumption by up to 72% in a new building and up to 45% in a retrofit scenario by reducing wasted energy.